OrthoCyte Corporation, a subsidiary of BioTime, Inc. (NYSE MKT and TASE: BTX) is a specialized biotechnology company dedicated to developing cell-based therapies for orthopedics.

Through extensive research and development, the Company has identified several progenitor cell lines with applicable orthopedic potential. These cell lines are currently being targeted with the goal of improving patient outcomes in the orthobiologics market.

The Company has proprietary human progenitor stem cells to bone orthopedic soft tissues, all of which are in the preclinical phase of development to optimize effective tissue or bone repair.

Orthopedic impairment represents a very large and growing population. As the global population ages, osteoarthritis and spinal disc degeneration have a significant impact on mobility and health and current non-surgical treatments tend to target the reduction of pain and inflammation as opposed to repairing tissue deficits. OrthoCyte’s goal, as a biotechnology company, is to demonstrate the utility of our proprietary cell therapy using in vivo models involving defects and disease, and to initiate clinical trials for select applications to meet the unmet need of patients worldwide.